“When a farmer supplies and fulfils our need, it becomes our duty (it’s not charity) to make sure his needs are equally met”

3 Basic Needs of Human Being

Food, clothing and Shelter are 3 basic needs of human being. All 3 needs fulfil from nature. Food and clothing are fulfilled with the help of farmer. We can live without clothing and shelter but we can not live without food.

Secret of Healthy Lifestyle

If food is so important then can we just analyse how much money we spend on essential food(not luxury food)? Ayurveda claims food thought and lifestyle concludes health of human being. Science says food motivates your thought process. If you eat healthily you will think healthy.  India’s Expert Nutritionist LUKE COUTINHO claims that food is medicine? So it’s important to eat good food to avoid medicine.

What is good food?

How some one can define good food and bad food. In simple language everything which is natural is good.  So if you want to live a better life you should eat naturally grown things. Anything which artificially produced can be defined as bad for your health. It is as simple as if you walk on the soil you feel good but you can not walk on raw concrete with bare foots.

Why is farmer Important?

The person who is responsible for supplying our basic 2 needs should have 2/3 of importance in our life. Do we really give so much importance to him? 

What is Importance of Nature?

Any car weighing 2000kg needs 3000kg raw iron. Few kg’s rice becomes few hundred kg in just 4 months. 

Farming is the only business where you get more output than input.  Nature is the only machinery where you get more than what you feed else every machinery gives less than what you feed.

Bharat Ek Krishi Pradhan Desh Hai?

We always hear in everyone speech that India is dependent on agriculture but do we really care about it? Do you think in today’s world farmer get same pride as Doctor or Engineer?

We care so much about pets in our house but we never care about the person who gives us food every day.

Why should we connect with farmers?

There is no communication between farmer and consumer because of which we never understand the real challenges of farmers. We talk with a lot of unknown friends but we never interact with farmers. We go for weekend picnics but we never visit farms from where ou food comes. We do visit a lot of agro-tourism centre and try to think how farmers live but we never try to reach out to the farmer and speak with him and ask him to supply the good food.

If we want to source some regular supply for our business house we visit the manufacturer we speak with is a team, we analyse his strength and weakness, we talk about quality.

Do we do the same thing in the case of food which we eat every day and so much important to us?

Let us support India’s 1st Fair Trade mission.

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Saameer Ravindra Athavale 

fight poverty via trade, not aid!

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Shop for Change Fair Trade is not for profit organisation which is working on developing the long-term partnership between farmer to a consumer without having any commercial interest.

Shop for Change is not a funded NGO we wish to run this NGO with support from people as we do believe that it should be a people’s mission, not some corporate mission.

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I have a big event (Kalaghoda and launching of India’s 1st online Fair Trade Shop) coming up soon for which I required assistance at various levels like content writing, banner designing and SEO optimization etc. My search was going on in different directions to get my work done through various sources as soon as possible. During this search I got to know about this social enterprise known as iVolunteer, which promotes volunteering. Their mission is to bring volunteers and organizations together to share time, skills and passion to promote India’s social development.  I thought to give it a try and I have to say my try was a real success. 

I contacted, Shruti (Mumbai Office Representative) from the team of iVolunteer and to my surprise, never saw such a quick response. They were there in my office, within a week’s time to get started with the work. WoW! This was unbelievable. Wait, but  this doesn’t stop here, they soon invited me to their event known as Skill Marathon which was organized on 23rd January 2016. It’s a platform where volunteer’s showcase their talent on various projects that contribute towards resolving social problems.

I was so impressed by their first step which they showcased towards my project, that I was totally inclined to go to their event. I was not dependent on them, but yes I was looking forward for this event. Till 22nd January, their team was putting efforts to gather volunteers and keep working for my big day event assignments.

On 23rd, as per the invitation I reached the venue sharp at 10:00 am and was again surprised to see, one of the volunteer assigned to my project Mr. Manoranjan Tiwari was ready present at the Skill Marathon event, before me. I remember the day when Shruti had come to my office and had taken all my requirements. Based on the requirements given, they had send their volunteer’s to work on my project. Amazing!


2016-01-23 11.03.jpg

Their team was giving me surprises through out the day. I shared 5 projects and all 5 were completed on that day itself. The entire event was managed with simplicity yet with commitment towards achieving the goal which was set by NGO’s.

IMG_20160123_175051 copy.jpg


I would like to thank all volunteers who, with their skills supported a cause and allowed us to take Fair Trade moment ahead!

Rudra Biswas, Saheli Chaterjee, Walter D’souza, Arunava Basu and Manoranjan Tiwari

Last but not least special thanks to team iVolunteer Shalabh Sahai (Co-founder), Shrutee Limaye, Thryza Dow, Jayita Naha and all other team members.


Saameer Ravindra Athavale

fight poverty via trade  not aid!