Our friends at Vasundhara Agri-horti Producers’ Company

January 14, 2011

It’s Seth again, Shop for Change’s CEO, reporting from my tour to visit some of Shop for Change’s certified farmers.  These are the people behind the great Shop for Change Fair Trade certified products available in India, and thus far it has been an inspiration to hear their stories about the work they do.  In my last post I reported that I was in Southern Gujarat visiting our friends at Vasundhara Agri-horti Producers’ Company – VAPCOL – a producer organization that brings together farmers to help them market their produce.  VAPCOL is the organization behind Shop for Change’s new certified mango, cashew and aamla products.

This visit to VAPCOL is special for me.  In 1998 I spent 5 months living at VAPCOL’s head office near Vansda.  It was my first experience in fair trade (though I didn’t call it that at the time).  Thinking back, it’s fair to say that the experience launched my career working with small scale farmers and fair trade.  13 years later, VAPCOL still impresses me.  The organization has grown significantly, and the work with its farmer members in the region has made a huge difference for the mostly-Adivasi communities in the area.  Today we visited VAPCOL’s mango processing facility where local youth are given skills and employment, creating economic opportunities for them as well as VAPCOL’s farmers who benefit from the added value of turning their produce into processed products like mango pickle.  There’s video of the visit to come, but for the moment I’m posting a photo.  Tomorrow: off to Yavatmal to visit another Shop for Change farmer group – Chetna Organic.


2 Responses to “Our friends at Vasundhara Agri-horti Producers’ Company”

  1. I am amazing to here the success of the VAPCOL I wish all the best, VAPCOL stands to inspire to the farmers who are suffering with unable to market their produced commodities.

  2. badri prasad saraf said

    greatly appricated your adventure.which can be repeated through put india to uplift adivasis and others pl contact me bpsaraf123@gmail .com

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