Shop for Change Fair Trade darshan

January 12, 2011

Seth here – Shop for Change’s CEO.  I’m writing to you from someplace outside of Vansda, Gujarat, where my new friends Leo and Smita from Sourcemap have joined me on a Shop for Change Fair Trade Darshan.  Over the next 10 days we’ll be visiting farmers, farmer organizations, and brands certified by Shop for Change Fair Trade.  These are the people behind the Shop for Change Fair Trade certified products you buy from companies like AND, Grassroot, iinter-pret, Mother Earth, Celebwear, No Nasties, and Vrindavan.  We’re on the move with two video cameras to talk to farmers.  Soon we’ll be sharing our interviews with you so you can get a better idea how fair trade makes a difference.

Once we pulled ourselves together after yesterday’s Mumbai- Ahmedabad Highway dhaba food caught up with us, Leo, Smita, and I traveled 50 km into the interior to meet with cashew farmers who belong to one of the cooperatives that grows for Vrindavan, the brand behind the first Shop for Change certified food products in India.  These guys told us what it’s like to be a farmer and how being part of a fair trade organisation like VAPCOL – Vrindavan’s parent organisation – has made a huge difference to them and their families.  I’ll look forward to sharing the video with you when the project is complete but for now I’m posting a photo to give you a sense of what we’re up to.  More soon…


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