The official Shop for Change blogger

September 8, 2010

Announcing the official Shop for Change blogger for the Fair Trade Futures conference….me.  Duh!

Seth here, Shop for Change’s CEO.  Sometimes you have an ‘a-ha moment.’ Yesterday I was running around getting everything ready for my trip from Mumbai to Boston for the Fair Trade Futures Conference <> .  And it dawned on me that if blogs are for anything they’re for writing about things like this conference.  So I decided that if I’m going all the way to the US for such a cool event I’d better plan on being Shop for Change’s official conference blogger.  So keep an eye on our blog for the next few days to learn more.

With that decided, suitcase packed, and all the last minute stuff at the office wrapped up I flew from Mumbai and landed in Amsterdam – my layover stop and where I’m writing from now.  I had a few hours before the Boston flight and decided to go into the city.  As I saw a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck drive by with an advert for fair trade ice cream painted all over the side I had another a-ha moment. 

Max HavelaarThe Netherlands was the birth place of fair trade certification over twenty years ago and played a huge role setting the stage for where fair trade is going – including our work in India.  What an apt place to start my trip to the Fair Trade Futures Conference!  I don’t know what it is about the Dutch but they’ve always been fair trade pioneers. The Netherlands was home to some of Europe’s first fair trade “World Shops” and the first fair trade certification mark “Max Havelaar.”  And over the years many Dutch funding agencies have backed fair trade work around the world (including two of our funders, ICCO and HIVOS).  Maybe it’s something in the canal water but this country has certainly done its bit for the cause.   

Time to board.  More soon from Boston…  


2 Responses to “The official Shop for Change blogger”

  1. JUHI PANDEY said

    Hi Seth
    Wish You all the very best for the conference.
    It is absolutely great work that you and your team is doing with Fair Trade for India.
    Yesterday, I was at a seminar organised by AEPC for Compliance and Factory Productivity methods, and a point raised by the Labour Commissioner of Maharashtra was that goods manufactured in Factories which comply to the labour norms and environment norms should have a unique label attached to their garments for consumers to know that they are ethically made products and it made me think of Shop For Change!
    So, as always I believe it may take time, but the revolution is for change and fair trade is getting stronger in India.
    Will keep reading your posts.


  2. Travel well and know that CRS is going to do our best to stoke a lot of “a ha” moments over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing and learning from you!

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