Shop for Change Makes Headlines

April 13, 2010

Shop for Change has recently been featured in a variety of publications that we are excited to share with you.  Check out the articles below:

Ethical product certification catching on in India

Indian brands are taking the first step towards following Fair Trade, a concept popular amongst Western consumers that preaches buying products from corporations that focus on sustainable development and offer better trading conditions for workers and producers.

“Fair Trade is a win-win for all stakeholders, including corporates, producers and consumers. While corporates get brand respectability, producers get their due return and the consumer has the satisfaction of buying a product which is ethically made and environment-friendly,” ‘Shop for Change’ Advisor and Acting CEO Seth Petchers told PTI.

…Global consultancy firm KPMG said that Fair Trade in India could even surpass the sales figures in Western nations in years to come.

“It will help in the growth of the organised retail market and in India, with its huge unorganised sector, even small retailers can avail of it. Fair Trade has a ready market in India and we only need some effort to make it popular,” KPMG Advisory Services Manager Anand Ramanathan said.

Read the rest of the article here.

Shop for Change brings hope to farmers

New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) Despite government initiatives like debt waiver and higher minimum support prices for their produce, farmers in India struggle to earn a decent living. They do not get a fair deal because of uncertain markets, poor productivity and inability to add crop value. Now an international NGO is trying to improve the livelihood of farmers with training and certification of their produce.

Shop for Change, set up by the International Resources for Fairer Trade (India) and Tradecraft (UK), is helping farmers in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa develop their communities with enhanced knowledge and better market prospects.

‘We provide training to the farmers to improve productivity and quality of the produce. We provide certification for these commodities produced under specified standards,’ Petchers told IANS. ‘We help farmers get a better deal by certifying their produce,’ said Seth Petchers, CEO, Shop for Change.

Read the rest of the article here.


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