Fairtrade Fortnight- can India do the same?

March 2, 2010

Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual two-week festival that is organized by the UK organisation Fairtrade Foundation. Fair trade NGOs, companies, activists, and consumers hold events throughout the UK in support and celebration of fair trade. This year, their focus is on a campaign called “The Big Swap,” where consumers are asked to make a pledge to swap some of their non-fair trade purchases for those that are. They’re hoping for 1,000,001 pledges, and halfway through, they’re on target with over 400,000 pledges.

As Shop for Change seeks to raise awareness and build a fair trade community within India, we ask ourselves how we will be able to do something similar. Will consumers and partner organisations collaborate to rally around the cause? When will we be able to reach a critical mass of supporters to develop such a large-scale campaign? Would you swap your non-fair trade t-shirt for a Shop for Change t-shirt? Let us know your thoughts on how to most effectively gather supporters and whether you think that India is ready for its own fair trade festival.

And don’t forget to tell us if you’ve swapped your old t-shirt for a brand new Shop for Change t-shirt, available at all Mother Earth stores!


2 Responses to “Fairtrade Fortnight- can India do the same?”

  1. I believe we can do but there must be a paradigm shift in thinking amongst Fair Trade organisations in India…help us make it happen. MESH is right behind you. So when shall we have our first fairtrade fortnight..needs to be in the cooler season…how about the end of this present year?
    Jacky http://www.twitter.com/mesh_fairtrade

    • gijs said

      Hi guys

      we are also ready in Auroville down South.

      please appoint a coordinator and let’s start preparing. we will need at least 6 months to get this off the road

      Take care

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