India’s first Shop for Change Fair Trade certified product launched at Mother Earth stores

January 7, 2010

Future Group affiliated store Mother Earth has partnered with Shop for Change, a fair trade organization, to launch India’s first Shop for Change certified products. Shop for Change has launched the fair trade certification with Mother Earth t-shirts and plans for further extension to other cotton products. The Shop for Change certified t-shirts abide by fair trade standards, thus ensuring that cotton farmers receive a fair deal for their produce. The Shop for Change t-shirts are available at all Mother Earth stores across India. The certification guarantees fair trade practices, which means that farmers who grew the cotton for the Mother Earth t-shirts and their families are empowered to improve their lives and care for the environment.

Download the full press release. Download Mother Earth store locations.


4 Responses to “India’s first Shop for Change Fair Trade certified product launched at Mother Earth stores”

  1. A thorough initiative by SFC towards, bettering the lives of thousands of Farmers, who grow Fair-Trade & Organic Cotton. We see a great amalgamation towards `Farmer-Consumer’ relationship.

  2. dear folks,
    nice that i found you!
    i`m looking for small scale fairtrade- and if possible organic cotton garment production to sell via our store or onlineshop here in germany.
    i`m very thankful for any contact.

    best regards

    manni frohloff
    mother earth

  3. Our stores support shop for change, we have just started to stock a new set of t-shirts, find us and shop for change on Facebook. Our stores are in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota, Bangalore. We also stock our products in Central, Home Stop and Ethnicity.

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