Traidcraft Exchange Hosts Cotton Forum

December 4, 2009

Seth here, Shop for Change’s CEO. Wednesday I attended a great meeting in Hyderabad hosted by our allies Traidcraft Exchange. The event brought together 20 organisations working to solve the challenges facing cotton farmers. Among the issues discussed – who controls access to seeds, hardships faced by the poorest farmers who have no irrigation infrastructure, how to help farmers access loans at fair rates of interest, and ways that farmer organisations can help farmers add value to their crop by producing value-added products like yarn, fabric, and finished textiles.

Along with the three farmer organisations that Shop for Change has certified – Agrocel, Chetna Organic, and Zameen Organic – Shop for Change agreed to establish a working group to help farmer organisations work more closely with one another to take advantage of new market opportunities.  It was a great meeting, and we look forward to moving ahead.


One Response to “Traidcraft Exchange Hosts Cotton Forum”

  1. Maveen said

    This was indeed an interesting meeting and one of the key issues that emerged was a lack of voice for small cotton producers in India. The other key concern was around availability of GM-free seeds, and the need for control of farmers on agriculture. Traidcraft’s work is cut out and we need to bring in many more organisations to address these issues with collective vigour.

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